this gives me feels.

sometimes I read my spam folder just for fun
apparently I have a girlfriend, and she likes it hard


The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion.

White into Black: Seeing Race, Slavery, and Anti-Slavery in Antebellum America

Very cool lesson plan using art and its cultural significance during a particular time period.

(via Robert Cornelius’ self-portrait: The First Ever “Selfie” (1839) | The Public Domain Review)


tl;dr: i was forced out of the closet and cut off communication, my parents suck, i need money to get out of my emotionally abusive home please donate to my paypal !!!

thank u

hello!! as you all may already know, my already difficult family environment has turned nearly unbearable overnight.

my parents are radically religious. they have always been extremely controlling, manipulative and emotionally abusing. i’ve never been allowed to interact with people outside my family or church (i was never allowed to hang out with my school friends outside of school), i cant go out without parental supervision even though i’m turning 20 on january, and as of now they’ve taken my laptop and mexican phone to prevent outside interaction.

last fall, after a lot of begging i was allowed to study abroad in texas where i stayed with some of my parent’s friends that also took me to church, which is why they let me go. the change was amazing for my emotional and mental health and my anxiety basically disappeared.

when i returned to visit on winter break, though, my mom went through my laptop without my permission (completely invading my privacy like they often do) and found conversations with my girlfriend and internet friends, among other things like porn in my browsing history and pictures i’ve drawn of girls kissing (scandalous i know). i was forced out of the closet and called slurs, and my mom even blamed me of “condemning” her because i’m queer. i’ve been put in lock down panic mode.

i need money to move out of my house by february. my girlfriend and some other friends will let me stay with them until fall semester, when i will hopefully be enrolled in the university of central florida.

since im from mexico, i need to cover student visa expenses, which can go up to $300, plus another round trip to mexico for the interviews.

i hope to get a scholarship and loans to pay for my education, housing and meal plans, but meanwhile i need money to cover my stay and trips.

i dont have access to my tablet or laptop but i can connect this phone (my parents dont know it works) to my scanner and do sketch commissions like these ones for $15 each (+7 additional characters).



however any kind of help is appreciated.

thank you very much for being so supportive already!!!!!!! i’ll keep you all informed

I think it really sucks when folks outside what society deems ‘normal’ are practically forced to use elaborate words to explain the problems dealt with on a daily basis. I think it makes it even harder to relate to and is othering in and of itself. There’s also some inherent classism in using certain terminology, because a lot of the social justice vocabulary has been coined by academics and taught in classrooms many of us will never see.

I’m sure it’s been said over and over, but yeah. There’s that.







i wrote a paper as a senior in high school about this and when tracking the unhealthy relationship symptoms i found this out too. fucking a.

THIS is a legitimate reason to think Twilight is problematic. Not “oooh, but it’s girly literature cause the vampires sparkle and all the teen girls are into Edward”. As funny as some of the sparkly vampires jokes are - and they really sometimes are - Twilight’s very unique take on vampires is the least of the series’ problems, yet this criticism gets heard a lot more than the criticism of people who have noticed that something isn’t quite right in the relationship between Edward and Bella.

Anyone who thinks “it’s so romantic that he wanted to eat her and also snuck into her room without her permission to watch her sleep” really, REALLY needs to…rethink their definition of “romantic.”

so funny story time (and when i say funny i actually mean sad).
one of my students wrote a (very poorly worded) dissertation about bella and edward’s flawlessly romantic relationship. i gave her a D. she sent her mother to talk to me because according to her i was “letting my personal taste cloud my judgment” and “teachers should be objective, judge the form and not the content” (since when?, i might add. but yeah).
i pointed out that her daughter had compared twilight to romeo and juliet and declared them ‘soul-warming love stories’, gave her a pamphlet about abusive relationships and told her to read the books.
she came back two weeks later and apologized.

#this is also why i scoff and get mad when people say 50 shades depicts a good love story #like NO oh my god i’m seriously questioning your past relationship because if you think ana and christian’s relationship is okay #then you have some serious problems #and i am NOT talking about the so called bdsm aspects of the book #get a grip people #those books don’t fall under the ‘romantic literature’ category okay those are horror stories



why did the blond fail her calculus test

she had a biology test on the same day and being that she is a bio major she felt it would be to her interest to put more emphasis on the bio test because she is only taking calc as an advanced elective credit which would not effect her major gpa

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